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Pressure Washers

We offer both hot and cold water pressure washers for large and small cleaning jobs.

Pressure washers are great for cleaning patios, washing buildings, cars and trucks, power washing decks and houses, boats, RV's, the possibilities are endless!

We'll help you choose the right pressure washer for your needs! Give us a call!

Hydro Pressure Washer 1.jpg

Hydro Portable Pressure Washer

Hot/Cold Pressure Washer

100 Gallon Tank

2500 psi

100’ Hose Reel

Additional 100’ Hose Available Upon Request

3 Wand Options

Gas Engine

Diesel Burner


Rental Rates

  • Day                 $200

  • Week              $600

  • Month             $1800

Echo Pressure Washer 2.jpg

Echo Portable Pressure Washer

3000 psi

100’ Hose

3 Wand Options

Gas Engine


Rental Rates

  • Day                 $125

  • Week              $300

  • Month             $800

Call (308) 391-2072 Today!

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